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Toast and Jam website widgets add superior functionality to your site without the need for coding or expensive software.  Website Widgets can be embedded in just minutes or we’ll be happy to do it for you at a very affordable rate!

Mango Zoom

24/7 checks on your website every minute ensures your site is always up and you’re aware immediately of any hosting or domain issues. Don’t let forgetting to renew your domain or hosting account downtime cost you your hard work! Keep tabs on it all for one low price per month.

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$3.65 per month

Get A Grape

Positive reviews are like Gold. Negative reviews are like rusty spoons. This widget provides easy access for visitors to leave reviews. Good reviews go straight to Google. Bad reviews get routed to you first. Which will give you a chance to fix. That’s grape.

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$4.05 per month

Apple Butter Consent

Consent Cookie message for your website. A must for international markets but even if the EU isn’t in your sphere, Apple Butter Consent allows you to have a log of your cookie policy with IP should any problems arise in the future. 

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$2.10 per month

Kiwi Dream

Want customers to be able to text your from your website. You can choose to receive texts on your phone of from a simple interface that manages it all. It’s simple, we hook it all up for you. It’s only $14 per month and $0.07 per text. 

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$14 per month

$0.08 per text interaction

Fine Peach Sunrise

Take your raw data and turn it automatically into personalized and stylish PDFs! From invoices to statements and schedules to other dynamic data. There’s no API or database we can’t work with!

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Widgets That Work. Yum!

Our widgets are easy to install. If you ever need us to do it, the average cost is only $20 and can be done in about an hour after the request. You’ll never have to change or modify your widget and they work on every browser!

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