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Pretty simple widget here from the Toast and Jam team, but nonetheless important! 

First we give you a cookie consent message popup on your website. (Need a background on cookie consent?, check out the info below) The user can accept or decline. Everything is logged on our end and accessible to you at any time. 

It’s a great way to make sure to keep any consent mumbo jumbo away from your bottom line, plus it’s cheap like jelly but we give you the fruit too. 

In case you deal with any EU customers/visitors these options allow you to make your site GDPR compliant.

Make your site comply with the EU cookie law by informing users that your site uses cookies.

Display a one time message or generic cookie consent form. Colors and styling for the message can be edited.

A cookie consent banner is the cookie warning that pops up on websites when a user first visits to the site.

It’s the website banner that declares the cookies and tracking present on a website and gives the users a choice of prior consent before their data is handled.

Cookie consent banners first started to show up on virtually every website in the EU in response to the ePrivacy Directive of 2002, popularly called “The cookie law”.

According to the Directive, all websites had to give a cookie disclaimer to their users about the fact that they set cookies on the user’s browser.

The purpose of cookie consent banners therefore was to alert the users of the website about the cookies and get consent for setting them.

How To Get Started

Apple Consent is $2.10 per month

We will email you instructions on how to add the widget. Super deliciously simple. 

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