Your Business (ie, your phone) Can Receive Texts Right From Your Website!

With a simple form, customers can text you from your website. They’ll enter their number and a text. It comes right to your phone. When you reply, you reply directly to them.

If you’re a sole-proprietor or just lack a receptionist, this is a lot easier than trying to field calls during your day. We also provide you with an option to reply with an automatic response notifying the customer (on their phone) that you have received the text and will respond as soon as possible. 

Toast and Jam is so simple, but so good. 

Coming soon: With KIWI DREAM, we will provide you with super cool interface to manage incoming texts from the Toast and Jam admin. You can respond inline and manage multiple conversations at once.  Plus canned messages and so much more. 

How To Get Started

Kiwi Dream is $14 per month.

There is a $35 onboarding fee to get your phone number(s) set up. Simply sign up below, the subscription starts automatically. We will email you instructions on how to add the widget. Super deliciously simple. 

Widgets That Work. Yum!

Our widgets are easy to install. If you ever need us to do it, the average cost is only $20 and can be done in about an hour after the request. You’ll never have to change or modify your widget and they work on every browser!

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All These Great Widgets For One Price. It really can be that simple.
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