Never Again Wonder If Your Website Is Up And Running!

Every minute, 24/7 full audit on your website ensures your site is always up and you’re aware immediately of any hosting or domain issues. Don’t let downtime cost you your hard work! Keep tabs on it all for one low price per month: only $5.05 per domain. 

Our alerts will be sent in case of

404 Errors
with no page limit 100%
500 and other Server Errors
with no page limit 100%
Slow Page Loading Times
Malware Detection
Domain Health and Expiration
Hosting Account Changes
DNS Changes
SSL Expiration

What happens to your website (and therefore potential customers) if it’s blank, shows an error, or too slow to work on mobile?

Your website needs to be working. You should be 100% sure it is at all times. 

We’ve had dozens of clients in the past that have lost their domain simply because the credit card they were using for auto-renew had also expired.

Losing your domain can cost you thousands! For a few dollars per month, this prevents that scenario and so much more.

And Mango Zoom Does Not Interfere With Google Analytics!

How To Get Started

Mango Zoom is $5.05 per month per domain

Once you have signed up you’ll receive a login for your dashboard where you can set up your domains and notification settings. Please use the quantity box if you are adding more than 1 domain.

Widgets That Work. Yum!

Our widgets are easy to install. If you ever need us to do it, the average cost is only $20 and can be done in about an hour after the request. You’ll never have to change or modify your widget and they work on every browser!

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