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A small widget like the image below is placed on your website. It’s super easy and just one line of code. Try it out below!

When a user clicks this button to leave a review they are prompted with the thumbs up or down option.

Thumbs up? Get them straight to Google. We set up a link so they are taken directly to the ‘Write a Review” box.

Thumbs down?  The user is directed to a star rating and review FORM that is sent to you. 

Now you have a chance to correct the issue before it gets online … where it is much more difficult to resolve. Plus a super simple way to direct those 5 star customers to Google reviews. 

How To Get Started

Get A Grape is $4.05 per month

There is a one time setup fee of $15. Simply sign up below, the subscription starts automatically. We will email you instructions on how to add the widget. Super deliciously simple. 

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Widgets That Work. Yum!

Our widgets are easy to install. If you ever need us to do it, we can in about an hour after the request. You’ll never have to change or modify your widget and they work on every browser!

Toast And Jam can make custom widgets and web applications. We are experienced programmers.

All These Great Widgets For One Price. It really can be that simple.
Contact us here for custom pricing.

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