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A small widget like the image below is placed on your website. It’s super easy and just one line of code. Try it out below!

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When a user clicks this button to leave a review they are prompted with the thumbs up or down option.

Thumbs up? Get them straight to Google. We set up a link so they are taken directly to the ‘Write a Review” box.

Thumbs down?  The user is directed to a star rating and review FORM that is sent to you.

Now you have a chance to correct the issue before it gets online … where it is much more difficult to resolve. Plus a super simple way to direct those 5 star customers to Google reviews. 

How To Get Started

Get A Grape is $4.05 per month

There is a one time setup fee of $15. Simply sign up below, the subscription starts automatically. We will email you instructions on how to add the widget. Super deliciously simple.

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Widgets That Work. Yum!

Our widgets are easy to install. If you ever need us to do it, the average cost is only $20 and can be done in about an hour after the request. You’ll never have to change or modify your widget and they work on every browser!

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